You have decided to sell apartment. Moscow? The huge modern megacity, and the market of the Moscow habitation also is great and various. To orient on it to the person who for the first time has faced such question, as apartment sale, very much and very uneasy. Ways of the decision of a problem two: to comprehend knowledge of trade in the real estate most, finding among newspaper announcements in a heading to buy an apartment for the suitable offer or to address in specialized agency.

Apartment sale at cost favorable to you? It’s a very uneasy problem. At desire to sell apartment there are many questions: how correctly to define its cost, how to save time and means at apartment sale. Sale of apartments in Moscow (as well as in any big city) is at all less responsible and difficult business, than their acquisition.

The modern market of the real estate – this not only huge variety of the goods, sellers, buyers, but also a large quantity “Reefs”. Complexity of the legislation, necessity of registration of a large quantity of documents, not the most exemplary work of official bodies, plus considerable quantity of swindlers - Purchase and sale of apartments is interfaced to considerable expenses of forces and considerable risks.

People who highly appreciate the time, prefer, that apartment sale was carried out by the professional realtor. We will help you quickly and favorably to sell your real estate as we possess huge client base in connection with work at regional level.

Services of department of sales of premises:

carrying out of the analysis of the market of the elite inhabited real estate by the current moment and definition of dynamics of development of the prices;

 the organization of displays of apartments for interested persons to buy apartment;

working out of marketing campaign (preparation of presentations of apartments, direct advertising, placing of advertising of objects in printing and electronic mass-media); representation of interests of the buyer/seller (carrying out of exploratory talk with the counterpart, preparation of a package of documents for carrying out of the transaction of purchase and sale of apartment);

realization of the transaction of purchase and sale of apartment (full legal support of the transaction, maintenance of safe calculation);

 registration of the transaction of purchase and sale of apartment  “On a turn-key basis”: without coming off daily cares, our clients can buy apartment or sell apartment, trusting us transaction carrying out.

If the client makes decision to participate in all process of the transaction itself, our company optimizes expenses of time to a minimum;

a confidentiality guarantee.

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