The mortgage is pledge of the real estate for maintenance of obligations to the creditor. At mortgage crediting the borrower obtains the credit for purchase of the real estate or other purposes. Its obligation to the creditor is credit repayment, and provides execution of this obligation real estate pledge. Thus it is possible to buy and put not only habitation, but also other objects of the real estate - the earth, the car, the yacht etc. the Real estate got by means of the mortgage, is the property of the borrower of the credit from the moment of acquisition. The term  mortgage in Russia is usually applied in connection with the decision of housing problems.

The most widespread variant of use of the mortgage in Russia is a purchase of apartment on credit. Again bought habitation though it is possible to put and apartment already available in the property is put thus, as a rule. Mortgage credits stand out banks, and credit conditions at all different. At the state level the mortgage finds support in a kind of the developed mortgage legislation in Russia.

Mortgage registration is a many-stage procedure including gathering of documents, passage of the credit commission of bank, search of suitable habitation, its estimation and insurance, the conclusion of the contract of the mortgage. On this hard way the mortgage broker can help. As the help of agency of the real estate can be demanded at apartment purchase on credit.

When the mortgage credit is received also habitation is got, there comes time “Payments”. To repay the credit it is possible as cash, and to pay in the non-cash way, or in strictly certain days, or in any day of month - these conditions are defined by a creditor bank. Possibility of preschedule repayment of the credit as is defined by a savings and loan association.

The main advantage of the mortgage is that, instead of long-term accumulation of the necessary sum on habitation purchase, there is a possibility already now to live in new apartment (or the house). At this habitation, got under the mortgage, at once is the property of the borrower of the mortgage credit. In new habitation it is possible to be registered to the borrower and members of his family. Safety of operation is provided with insurance of risks of loss of the property right to apartment and its damages, and as losses by the borrower of work capacity.

Besides, at the mortgage is some more “Pluses”: the property tax deduction which actually reduces the interest rate under the mortgage is given to the borrower of the mortgage credit because the borrower will not pay surtax from the sum spent for purchase of habitation and from percent under the mortgage.

Also, long term of crediting does payments under the mortgage not too big and, hence, not too burdensome. For certain categories of persons existence in their region of the social mortgage can appear a pleasant surprise.

All our experts are certificated in various banks. Have a long-term operational experience in this sphere. We will professionally pick up to you the favorable individual mortgage program. Will meet with positive approval of bank, will pick up necessary object of the real estate, satisfying to bank conditions. Completely will prepare a package of documents for transaction carrying out. And in the minimum terms will register transition of the right and the transaction to your new apartment.

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