We carry out a wide spectrum of services in the field of an estimation. The basic directions of estimated activity are:

- A real estate estimation (real estate estimation of cost: buildings, constructions, the ground areas, apartments, country houses, property complexes and so forth) An estimation of the real estate for all purposes;

- an enterprise estimation (business, actions);

- an estimation of the process equipment, industrial and economic stock;

- estimation of cost of objects of intellectual property;

- an estimation of automobile and cargo motor transport, special purpose cars; - an estimation of bills and similar securities;

- estimation of cost of deposits;

- an estimation of investment contracts;

- drawing up of business plans;

- drawing up of the analysis of financial and economic activity of the enterprises;

- assistance in process of crediting both legal, and physical persons (the help in search and a credit institution choice, feasibility report preparation (the FEASIBILITY REPORT) and the business plan for crediting, the help in the course of gathering and preparation of a package of documents for crediting);

- carrying out of inventories;

- other services in estimation sphere.

Estimation of the real estate.

The Experts of the company will consult you on: costs of the works, to a necessary package of documents for a real estate estimation, to work terms. We rackmen will immediately inspect object, will make necessary photos.


 A full spectrum of estimated services. The real estate is goods addressing in investment area. As objects of the real estate act: the ground objects, which moving without a disproportionate damage it is impossible for their appointment, including buildings, constructions, objects of not complete building, and also subjects of the state registration air and sea-crafts, vessels of internal swimming, space objects.

According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation have the right the property to objects of the real estate can both physical persons, and legal.

The real estate can bring in the income - direct or indirect - all depends on use type. The direct income is a payment for rent, deductions for structure amortization, other payments. Indirect incomes it is economy from use of the, instead of the rented real estate. The income sum directly depends on demand for this kind of the real estate, deterioration of a structure or a premise, inflation, and also from quality of management.

As the result - arises necessity of an estimation of the real estate. The real estate estimation includes certain kinds of cost. The most widespread are: it agree “
ФСО 2”:

 - market cost;

- investment cost;

- liquidating cost;

- cadastral cost it is necessary to pay attention that market cost is that price for which the object of the real estate will be got by the client possessing the information on the modern market.

Usually market cost is applied at definition of the sum of rent payments, the conclusion of transactions of purchase and sale etc. Liquidating cost traditionally it is less than market. It is the price for which it is possible to sell object of the real estate in as much as possible short terms. The right of an estimation of the real estate belonging to the subject physical proprietors own equally both legal.

The estimation of the real estate and definition of market cost of objects of the real estate, quite or partially being in an accessory of the country, the subject of Federation or city formation becomes in case of privatization of object, its transfer to rent or confidential management, uses of the real estate as a subject of pledge, realization or other method of alienation of objects of the real estate, a sedation of promissory notes, transfer of objects of the real estate to authorized capital stocks and funds of legal bodies as the contribution, occurrence of dispute on a real estate project cost, at the repayment of property at proprietors for the state or city needs, also with a view of the control of correctness of payment of taxes and calculation of taxable base.

For the real estate which is in a personal accessory, the real estate estimation at market cost is carried out at purchase and sale of objects of the real estate or exhibiting of the companies to auction and redistribution of shares of property, at entering of objects of the real estate into an authorized capital stock of the companies and the organizations as the contribution, at attraction of the newest shareholders or «доборная» issues of actions, at liquidation of objects of the real estate, at tenancy, at specification of taxable base of objects of the real estate and their insurance, at crediting on the security of objects of the real estate, by working out of investment projects and attraction of investors, also at performance of rights of succession, the adjudication, the permission of receivership proceeding. Irrespective of the right of an accessory to object of the real estate for what carrying out of an estimation or object of the real estate, it is necessary to give the documents defining legal and physical characteristics of object. The appraiser can give the most accurate list of suitable documents.

The object price does not influence and cannot influence the price for an estimation (in the coordination with the working legislation of the Russian Federation), and completely depends on labour input of an estimation and remoteness of object of the real estate. Documents necessary for a real estate estimation:

1. Passport «БТИ» on buildings, in case of absence - the design-budget documentation.

2. Extracts from passports «БТИ» if the building part is overestimated.

3. Certificates on the property right (the rent contract).

4. The cadastral passport on the ground area.

5. Other documents

Estimation of the equipment

 Service of the expert of the appraiser can be necessary at purchase (sale) or the unique equipment, or for a long time gone out of use, written off, obsolete. In these cases it is hard to proprietor (buyer) to define equipment cost, for example, under the price-list of the manufacturer? It is not present for a long time in any price-lists, for a payment in the authorized capital, for mortgaging maintenance of the credit. Documents necessary for an equipment estimation:

1. An extract from the sheet of a fixed capital on an estimated part of the equipment for estimation date in electronic form (format Microsoft Excel) and in the form of listing.

2. The equipment description.

3. Characteristics sheets (engineering specifications) on the equipment.

4. Other documents.

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