Legal support of the transaction

Purchase of an apartment or a cottage is a difficult business, and it is necessary to concern it with a proper attention. You carry out the transaction independently and you still have doubts, you wish to be assured of transaction possibility, don’t you? Perhaps, it is quite enough for to check up legal frequency of the real estate, or to make the preliminary contract, isn’t it? If complex support of the transaction, registration of donation, the inheritance, including with the passed term is necessary for you, we will help you with the solving of these problems.

The legal support of the transaction of purchase and sale contain the following: preparation of the preliminary contract:

  • check of documents; transaction preparation;
  • the help in carrying out netting, preparation of the contract of rent of the safe and the admission;
  • preparation of the basic contract;
  • primary consultation - free!
  • negotiation with the counterpart;
  • registration in Management to Federal registration service

м. Рязанский проспект. 2-х комнатная квартира

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3-х комнатная квартира европейского уровня

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